People can lose
8-10% bodyfat in
ONE month on my
program as seen
by Jessica on
WTVM and by
Rachel in the
Benning Bayonet.
Grab your Free
10 fat torching
recipes report
that will help
you raise your
and blast the
fat off.
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What the clients are saying:

Miles Murray: Best program I've been a part of since playing collegiate sports.
Specific, focused, and just plain awesome!

Jillian Abramowski: I'm so glad I found this program. It's done tremendous things for
my body and self-esteem. I've done and lifted things I never would have thought
possible and it was all possible due to Eric's knowledge and encouragement. I
highly, highly recommend this to everyone!

Crystal Stocking: I have taken a lot of classes to stay fit, but this program by far
surpasses any other! You will be motivated, educated, and just plain excited! No
matter what your age or physical CAN do this!

Travis Nuss: Dempsey's Resolution Fitness is the best place that I have found in the
Columbus area to get that intense workout that you are looking for. Eric is awesome
and knows what he is doing.

Casey Smith Rowan: You're brutal, but I'm so grateful for it :) You're the best trainer
anyone could have... of that, I'm certain. The perfect balance of dedication,
motivation, inspiration, and mean ;) Thx for everything!

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J.C. Bridwell posted:

I want to give a shout out to my personal trainer Eric Dempsey and Dempsey's
Resolution Fitness...To all my friends in the Columbus, GA area, if you want to get
stronger, feel better, look better, eat better and be healthier, then go see this guy.
He will give you all the tools to do it...all you gotta do, is do the work...but it ain't easy
ya'll!! He will flat whip your butt!! LOL...In just a few short weeks though, he has
taught me more about getting healthy than I have learned over my entire life.
I highly recommend him. Thanks Eric!
Lillian lost 28lbs in 6 weeks
Amanda B. lost 11.5lbs in her first 16 days.
Carla lost 5.5 inches in 10 days.
George lost 9lbs in 10 days.
How much will you lose?
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Eric Dempsey
Master Sergeant, Infantry,
U.S. Army Retired,
Veteran of Afghanistan and
Iraq with the
101st Airborne Division,
NASM Certified Personal
Trainer and Weight Loss
Masters Degree in Exercise
Over 30yrs experience
There are dozens of gyms, fad diets,
exercise gimmicks, overnight wonder
, and snake oil salesmen out there
trying to get your money.

Anyone can make you sweat and get tired.
But not everyone can get you retainable
results. I have been helping people get
results for a very long time. I have the
education and experience to make your
goals a reality.
Bring a buddy or your spouse to the free trial
workout with you
Dr. Joe lost 30lbs in 4 weeks and got his blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure back to
normal ranges. He did my 2 minute workout and used my infused water recipes along with some
basic nutrition modifications. How easy is that? You can do this too!
Strength and Conditioning Training
Nutrition, Mindset, Lifestyle, Behavior
Modification & Body TransformationTraining
Individual, small group and
online training available

Personal Training by
appointment. Consult
Garage Gym Address:
County Road 2087, Salem, AL 36874
#183 in the Haley Woods Subdivision off of RT 169N
Kelly: I have worked with 3 different trainers.
Eric is the best.
I got from 170-150. 150 is with much, much more muscle than 170, so I look
much leaner than 150, no one believes me when I tell them my weight (even
the ones that would tell me the truth) and I'm 5'7.
I still use the principles he's taught me.
He's no excuses and reminds me of that every time I tell him "I was  80%
good on my nutrition this week" .
He mentally pushed me to lift heavier, run faster, eat better and do more than
I ever thought I could.
Thank you.
Leaner, Faster & Stronger