Here Are Real People Getting Real Results
Ryan trained with me for over a year for strength &
conditioning, while going through Infantry Officer Training
at Fort Benning. During his time with me, he completed
Course, Airborne Course, Infantry Basic Officer Leader
Course, Ranger School, Pathfinder School, and the
Mechanized Leaders Course. He increased his bench
press from 175lbs to 225lbs, did 3:30 min on the
modified Plank, increased his Kettlebell squat to
overhead press from 45lbs to 62lbs, Peak weight gain
was 21lbs, Peak Fat loss was 6.7%
Bootcamp Results
After having my first baby in October, I decided I needed
some help in the fitness department. I was overweight
and weak.  Not knowing what to expect when I started
personal training, I quickly became comfortable working
with Eric Dempsey. He started me with a lesson on
nutrition which I approve of 100%. After following the
plan for a few weeks, I started dropping the fat. Each
day of training at the gym was different; I never knew
what to expect for the next workout.  I felt like Eric truly
cared about my personal goals and challenged me each
week with harder and harder workouts. I am so pleased
with my progress and how strong I have become.  The
best part is that my husband loves my new look so much
that he signed up to train with Eric!
Written Testimonials