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When you enroll in any of my programs,
you receive the following bonus add on's worth over $500.00 at no extra charge:

Free Client Targeted Fat Loss Cardio & Nutrition Handout
Free Nutritional consulting to maximize burning fat and building muscle
Free subscription to my weekly email newsletter
Free access to my Blog with dozens of articles & videos
Free access to my fitness & nutrition videos (over 200 available)
Free access to my website with over 26
fitness e-books for download including recipe books, a meal plan
e-book and a paleo recipe page to help you develop your own meal plan ideas.
Free access to my online nutrition supplement store and online fitness ebook store
Access to my fitness & nutrition seminars and field trips
Group Fitness Classes: Open enrollment: enroll any time. Month to month EFT Autodebit. Easy cancellation
policy. No contracts or risk. Contact me and let me know when you want to come out. First session is a free trial.

Personal Fitness Training
1 on 1 and small group (2-4 people)
Training is structured to meet your individual goals. Train by yourself or with your friends / relatives.
By appointment only. Targeted fat loss cardio plan and nutrition coaching included. 30 Min or 1 hour
sessions available.
Initial consultation required ($50.00), Individual single training sessions $50.00 an hour.
1 hour 1 X week for 4 sessions a month $200.00
1 hour 2 X week for 8 sessions a month $400.00, 1 hour 3 X week for 12 sessions a month $600.00
30 Min 2 X week for 8 sessions a month $200.00, 30 Min 3 X week for 12 sessions a month $300.00
Month to month enrollment - EFT Autodebit, easy cancellation policy, no risk or contract.
Group Fitness & Nutrition  Classes
Whether it's to lose fat and
put your old jeans on or to
raise your 1 rep max on
your deadlift and bench
press, my programs deliver
the results. Join the
hundreds of people who
have made the journey
before you into the realm of
health and fitness. Change
your lifestyle and your body.
Your first workout is free.
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Group Fitness Class
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, 6-7pm
Friday 5-6pm
All times are eastern (EST)
Unlimited classes $120 per month

Drop In Fee for any single class with any program
Specialized Personal Training available
for Overweight / Obese, Youth (12 &
older), Seniors and Prenatal / Maternity
Special Tailored Military Training Available
for AR 600-9 Overweight, APFT
Improvement, IBOLC/ABOLC, MCCC,
Ranger Prep, SFAS Prep and others.
Online Fitness
Training Programs
and Nutrition
Coaching available.
Tailored to your
needs. Prices vary
depending on the
Special population
training available for kids
12 & older, seniors and
expecting moms