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If you are interested in a program,
contact me now for more info and to
register for a free trial class.
All programs have the Drop in option for
attending single classes. Only $10. Just
come in and pay $10 and attend the
class. This is a great option for those
who can only show up at certain times.
Pay as you go -too easy.
Train on Your Own With My Help
6 Week Home/Gym Bootcamp
Program with online support and
nutrition coaching plus weekly
accountability check in's. Only $120
Charla lost 10% bodyfat in two
weeks with this program
Mow the lawn for free small
group classes
You cut the grass, you train for free.
You bring the mower and
weedeater. $120 A MONTH VALUE
for about 3 hours of work.
Spring/summer months only.
Contact me if interested.
How much body fat can you lose in ten days? With
the fat shredder challenge program, you get 2 weeks
of small group classes plus nutrition coaching to
lose fat and inches quick. If you meet the challenge,
you win more free training. Fee $49. You can bring a
friend and split the cost. Only $25 EACH.
The 4 week FitRanX beginner challenge is a great
beginner program designed to get you in shape fast
so that you can successfully pass the Level One
FitRanX Test. At the end of the 4 weeks of small
group classes, you take the test. If you pass the test
you receive your FitRanx Level One Certificate and
the level one paracord wrist band. Fee $120. Bring a
friend and split the cost -ONLY $60 EACH. This
program is great because it gives you specific goals
and exercises to focus on. You can't help but to get
in great shape fast with this fun, challenging
program. Plus there are 8 FitRanX levels so you can
continue on with a specific program and exercises.
The 4 week walk your way to Abs program is a low
impact, walking and core exercise program. One
hour workouts 3-6 days per week. You walk with me
and we do core exercies before and after the walk.
You wear a neoprene bellyband to help increase the
heat and blood flow around your midsection. Low
stress, fun and challenging. Plus you get nutrition
and Detox coaching to help you shed the pounds.
Fee-$120. Bring a friend and split the cost -ONLY $60
Become my walking billboard and get in the best
shape of your life. Hardcore training and nutrition
coaching. You train for free but have you marketing
and fitness requirements to meet. Not an easy
program. Most wash out. Only for serious people
who have the time to become awesome. Interview
required. Do you have what it takes?